The 3-Minute Perfect Video Script

So the problem that many practice owners face is knowing what to say.

You get the camera set up, stand in front of it, and you freeze.

Or you stumble your words, end up taking 3 or 4 takes, and the video comes out bad, and you get frustrated.

Well I found this new framework to make my videos, and I break it into 5 parts.

And when you have these 5 parts, you end up creating very powerful videos very quickly, and not only that but the people watching the videos will take action, right? Because that’s the whole point.

1. Pre-Frame

So number 1 is start with a pre-frame.

This is a quick introduction, and what you’re promising if someone watches to the end.

And you notice I did that with this video.

I said I’m Andrew James with

And I want to give you a script to help you create videos in 3 minutes or less.

2. Pain Points

The second part is pain. What is the pain point that the person watching is trying to fix?

3. Ideal Future

Third is their ideal situation, which is how things would be without that pain point.

4. Bridge The Gap

4th, we want to bridge the gap. This is where you talk about how you’re helping your patients get out of pain through chiropractic care. And break this out into steps, like “I want to show you 3 steps that we’re helping our patients with migraines.”

5. Call To Action

Number 5: Call to action. What’s the next step? Invite them to take that next step with you. That means booking an appointment and coming in for an exam and consultation.

Now what happens when you follow this script is you’ll have a framework for your videos. And you can fill in the framework however works best.

If you’d like a printable copy of this script in more detail, leave a comment below, and I’ll send it over!

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