6 Ways To Promote Your Chiropractic Business On Facebook For Free

Many Chiropractors that I talk with are wary of running paid ads, because they’ve either been burned by a marketer before, or they don’t think they can generate an ROI.

If you’re doing your own marketing, you may be having trouble getting the word out about your business.

You’re posting in groups, posting on your own profile and your business page but you’re not getting likes and comments, and you’re still not getting any new customers.

But it’s also tiring hoping for referrals, and waiting for the phone to ring.

There’s got to be a better way to promote your business on Facebook!

Here are 6 free ways to promote your business on Facebook, and these are things you can start doing today:

1. Optimize your profile

The first way is to optimize your personal Facebook profile.

One of the challenges with brands on Facebook is that posts from friends and family will show up more than content from businesses.

When you participate in groups, and you’re posting stuff, people will naturally check out your profile. And when you have it optimized, you’re taking that attention and turning it into leads and sales for your business.

2. Run a contest

People love winning stuff! So the second way to promote your business for free is to run a contest.

Make sure you’re clear with the terms and conditions, and tell people they don’t have to purchase anything to enter or to win.

Also, ask an open ended question and you’ll get lots of comments.

3. Find local groups and add value

Facebook is a social network, so one of the best ways to connect with potential customers is to actually network with them inside groups.

There are lots of Facebook Groups centered around different topics.

The key here is to make connections with people, add value, help people, and talk with people over Facebook Messenger.

4. Engage with other businesses and influencers

The fourth way to promote your business on Facebook for free is to engage with other businesses in your community, and with influencers that have large audiences of their own.

For me, when I was first starting out I’d look at these brands and influencers with tons of followers, and think that I could never reach those levels.

Well if you can get your message in front of their audiences, there’s a huge potential for growth of your own business.

So to connect with these brands, start by engaging with their content, and starting a conversation with them.

Who knows, one day they might share a post you wrote with their followers, which could result in leads and sales for your business.

5. Ask patients to leave reviews

Many small businesses hope they’ll get good reviews from their customers, but rarely will proactively ask for reviews.

Most patients will only think to leave a review if they had a less than stellar experience.

So strike while the iron is hot, and ask for a review right after they’ve had a great experience with you.

6. Go live

Right now, Facebook LOVES live video, and will show it to more people in the news feed compared to posts with just text or images.

Make sure you plan out what you’re going to say ahead of time, have a good, natural light source (stand in front of a window, or outside), and engage with your audience.

Hope these tips were helpful. If you have any questions, leave a comment!

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