Overwhelmed With Low Paying Patients? 3 Steps We Use To Convert More New Patients Into Care Plans

Are you running a “New Patient Special”, but it seems to attract only people looking for a deal?

An offer like this is a great way to increase new patient flow by getting your name out there in your community, but it can also fill up your day with low paying patients who just want that first adjustment.

Here are 3 steps you can take this week to easily convert more of these new patients into long term care plans.

1. A “What to expect” video after they opt in to the New Patient Special.

If you’re running a discounted first visit as an offer, it’s important to shift the focus of the offer away from the price, and towards the patient’s ideal outcome.

The best way to do this is by creating a connection between you the Chiropractor, the patient, and the practice.

You can send this video out via email to new patients who opt in, and also add it to the confirmation page after they book their appointment.

Introduce yourself in the video, share why you became a Chiropractor, and a little about what they can expect in their first visit, and why it’ll be a different experience than anything else they’ve tried.

2. “Stack the value” of that first visit.

The problem with a New Patient Special is that sometimes people think what they’re getting is only worth $29.

If you’re offering new patients an exam, x-rays, a 30-minute consultation and a doctor’s report of findings, be sure to explain the value of each of these.

If someone were to book a consultation with you, how much would you price an hour or half-hour of your time?

Now the “$29 New Patient Special” is clearly worth a whole lot more than $29.

3. Educate the patient on the transition from acute treatment to a weekly or monthly care plan.

With any business, it’s easier and cheaper to retain an existing customer, than it is to acquire a new customer.

With chiropractic, what is the lifetime value of a single patient?

The average person doesn’t really understand the benefits of regular chiropractic care, and it’s sometimes difficult to explain to a patient why they should keep coming in when they start to feel better.

Each time they come in, discuss their treatment plan and the goals they shared with you during their initial consultation, and how this care plan is going to allow them to achieve their goals.

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