How To Make Sure Your Chiropractic Practice Shows Up In Google Maps

When you search for your practice in Google, does your listing show up?

How about in Google Maps?

When you’re trying to get your business showing up when people search on their phones, there are specific things you can do.

Your biggest problem with SEO right now is that your business isn’t showing up in the top 3 spots in Google when you search. Or if it is showing up, it’s not #1.

When you aren’t showing up in the top 3 spots, you’re not getting as many people calling and visiting your business as you could be.

Fortunately local SEO is very easy to do, and when you have the right things in place you can very easily rank your business in the top 3 spots, and even number 1.

Here’s what Google says about ranking in a local search:

1. Relevance – The more consistent and accurate your listings are, the more relevant your business will be to searches that people perform.

2. Distance – This consistency is going to affect how often your business shows up for people when they’re searching in Google Maps.

3. Prominence – Also the consistency in your listings is going to affect your prominence. But you also need to focus on collecting more reviews from your current customers.

So here’s your homework this week: Take a baseline assessment of your local SEO health to see what you need to improve, so that you can rank higher in Google.

To do that, head over to the following website:

Enter the name and address of your business, and hit “Check Now”.

Moz is going to give you a report, and will show you how accurate and consistent your citations are. A citation is any mention of your business name, address or phone number on the web.

If you have incorrect information, contact those directories to give them the correct info for your business.

If your business isn’t listed on certain directories, many of them can give you a free listing.

The more citations your business has, the more likely your business will show up for people searching on Google.

Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any questions by leaving a comment below.

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