How To Get More Likes On Your Chiropractic Facebook Page

Want to get more likes on your practice’s Facebook page?

I’ll show you a super easy campaign you can get up and running today, to help you start getting more locals liking and following your page!

You don’t necessarily need a ton of likes to generate leads and sales, but I’ve found that getting more likes and followers can increase trust in your brand, and it brings in more potential customers that you can retarget with ads.

Here’s how I got over 2,900 Facebook page likes for my business page for around 10 cents each.

These are local likes– people in my target audience who actually live and work in Utah, and I spent right around 10 cents for each like I acquired.

Now if you want to get more likes on your business page, there are a couple of options:

→ One way is to buy likes from a third party. Some offer bulk likes for a flat rate, like 1,000 likes for $10.

You definitely don’t want to do that.

Most of these likes are going to come from fake accounts, or people in other countries that are never going to interact with your page, or become customers, so this method is going to hurt you in the long run.

→ The better way is to run a Facebook Page Likes ad campaign yourself.

This is where you can target people that actually live in your state, and could become patients.

Here’s how to get real people to like and follow your business page on Facebook.

Step 1: Get a few colorful and eye-catching stock photos of your city or state

Go to a stock photography site like and download 4 or 5 photos of landmarks from around your practice.

You’ll be creating a slideshow of these photos for your Facebook ad, so don’t worry about editing or cropping them for now.

Step 2: Create a Page Like ad campaign from your Facebook business page.

Tap on the “PROMOTE” button and then select “promote your page”.

Now to continue from this point you should already have an ads account set up. If you don’t, please create one before finishing the rest of these steps.

Step 3: Build a slideshow with your downloaded stock photos

Keep the slideshow basic, but you can set each photo to display for 5 seconds, and add a transition between each photo in the slideshow.

Make the most eye-catching photo the first one in the slideshow, and set it as your thumbnail to make sure more people stop scrolling when they see the ad in their timeline.

Step 4: Create a headline

There should be two parts to this ad copy.

First, you want to ask an open-ended question to get some comments on your ad.

Second, tell people exactly what you want them to do!

An example of a headline could be:

“Do you ❤️ Utah? LIKE our page!”

(Don’t use that exact headline, but write one that makes sense for your business and your target audience).

Step 5: Set your targeting

You’ll want to target your entire state.

Don’t add any other targeting layers or demographics, just keep it simple.

Step 6: Engage with people who engage with the ad

Every few days go into the ad and respond to comments. Doing this will help to increase the organic reach of the ad, and create goodwill with the people who comment.

I hope this was helpful!

Let me know in the comments if you’re going to try this type of Like campaign, and how it works for you and your practice.

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