21 Best Chiropractic Marketing Ideas (2021 Edition)

Say goodbye to 2020 (and all that it entails), and hello to a new year with a fresh start for marketing your Chiropractic practice. Here’s a list of 21 marketing ideas to attract new chiropractic patients in 2021.

1. Facebook Lead Ads

The biggest problem I see many Chiropractors (and marketers to be honest) deal with is complexity from variables. The best piece of advice I was ever given is that if you’re able to eliminate variables from the equation, and still have the desired result, you’re setting yourself up for success. That’s why I’m such a big fan of Lead Form Ads on Facebook. A form pops up in someone’s Facebook app when they tap on an ad, and they can enter their information to claim your New Patient Special directly in one place.

2. Google Call-Only Ads

Like Facebook Lead Ads, Google offers a direct-to-call ad type, where a prospective patient sees your ad, and can place a call directly with your office. This eliminates complexity and the variables of needing a landing page.

3. Reactivation Text

I love Reactivation campaigns, because you can re-engage with past patients who have only come in once, and offer them a reason to get booked on your schedule. It’s a lot easier (and cheaper) to get an existing patient in again, versus acquiring a new patient through paid or organic marketing. With the right software, you can send out one simple text to everyone in your database, and because it’s a text message the response rate will likely be high.

4. Reactivation Email

You can also reactivate past patients with an email, and send them an offer to book an appointment and come in for a visit. The best type of offer for existing single-visit patients could be similar to a New Patient Special, which could be a discounted exam, consultation and report of findings, with a second visit booked for an adjustment.

5. Patient Referral Program

How many of your current patients would sing your praises to their friends or family? You can take your New Patient Special, print out some cheap business cards with the offer on them, and hand them out to your patients after their appointments. If you really want to take the referral program to the next level, you can even offer an incentive to your current patients, like a drawing for an Amazon gift card.

6. Contest

Create a contest on your practice Facebook page for something connected with Chiropractic care and wellness, like a Cervical Pillow or Chirp Wheel. Be sure to read up on Facebook’s rules for running a contest, and comply with all your state, provincial and federal laws.

7. Giveaway With Nearby Businesses

Many Chiropractors have practices in locations with small, independent businesses nearby, like restaurants, massage spas, gyms and dentists to name a few. Meet with these owners and come up with a fun contest or giveaway that you can run with them.

8. Send Out Patient Satisfaction Survey

Honest feedback is the key to improving your marketing efforts, overcoming objections and creating a better experience for your patients. So send out a quick Patient Satisfaction Survey to see where you can improve, and use this information to create more effective social media posts, blog posts for your website, and video content.

9. Facebook Live

Many people are intimidated by the thought of creating videos, and even more intimidated by LIVE video! This means that if you can hop on a Facebook Live video on your practice page, you’re already ahead of your competition. Think about some issues that your patients face, common objections they give when deciding if they should sign up for a care plan, and at-home stretches and exercises they can try for certain ailments, and create quick 2-5 minute videos for these topics.

10. Youtube Channel

Youtube is the 2nd largest search engine (behind Google), and many times video content can rank high directly in Google’s search results very easily and quickly. Video content is also a lot easier to create, compared with sitting down to write a blog post.

11. Groupon

I’m not typically a big fan of coupon sites for Chiropractors, because your New Patient Special can be a lot more effective if run on places like Facebook Ads or Google Ads. This is because people who are using coupon sites are shopping based on price, and the Chiropractor with the best deal is going to get their business. These people are also shopping for a one-time visit, and not thinking about regular care. But, a coupon site like Groupon can be a great way to supplement your existing marketing efforts, especially if you’re already running your New Patient Special on Facebook or Google.

12. Website FAQ section

What are some of the most common questions that patients ask you? Write out quick answers to these questions, and add them to your website. This means you can give people the information they’re looking for without them having to call, and you can also potentially get your website ranking in Google Search for these questions and answers, which means more people will be able to find you.

13. Dream 100

The “Dream 100” is a concept coined by internet marketer and Clickfunnels founder Russell Brunson. It’s basically identifying who the 100 most influential people in your industry are, and creating relationships with them. Now it doesn’t necessarily need to be a list of exactly 100 people, but think about in your local area who the most influential people are. This can include podcasters, social media influencers, news personalities, Youtube channels, etc. Imagine if you could develop a relationship with a local podcaster who has an audience of 100,000 subscribers, and got interviewed by this person. Now you practice got in front of 100,000 potential new patients!

14. Fix Your Citations

What are Citations? These are mentions of your practice name, address and phone number on the web. Many of your Citations appear in local directories like Yelp, Google, Bing and others. Run a quick search of your Citations here, and see how many of them you need to update, add or fix.

15. Optimize Your Google My Business Listing

Search for your practice on Google. Is the information in your listing complete and accurate? Make sure your operating hours, phone number and address are correct.

16. Create A New Patient Special

If you don’t already have a special offer for new patients, a New Patient Special is an effective way to introduce Chiropractic care to new potential patients in your community, and also to showcase your treatments and services to patients who may be unhappy with their current provider. Keep in mind that this introductory offer is not designed to generate a profit on the first or second visit, so make sure you’re able to convert these first time visitors into care plans.

17. Send A Press Release

Have you recently moved to a new location? Are you opening a second location? These are great reasons to write up a press release and send it out to local news organizations. Also newsworthy items can include a purchase of new equipment for your practice, or research that you’ve conducted.

18. Compile Industry Data

Speaking of press, if you do the legwork of compiling insights or research, and writing a blog post about your findings, you can easily get mentions, links and publicity from local media. For example, how many people are developing pain because they don’t have a proper chair for their at-home office desk? Or what problems are people experiencing because they’re working from home due to COVID? There’s lots of research out there, and you can compile this data, explain it in easy to understand terms, and post the information on your website.

19. Gather And Publish Patient Testimonials

People learn through stories, and your patients’ reviews and testimonials are stories of how they’ve transformed through Chiropractic care. The best time to record a video testimonial from a patient is immediately after their visit, when they are happiest. Interview them, and ask them what their life was like before treatment, and how life is now that they’re on a care plan.

20. Sell Gift Certificates

One of the casualties of the COVID-19 pandemic is how it’s affected foot traffic with local businesses. By selling gift certificates, you’re collecting money up front, and giving people the option of when they’d like to use that certificate in the future. Gift certificates and gift cards are also convenient for patients to give as gifts to their friends and family, which opens up opportunities to acquire new patients.

21. Podcast Interviews

Being a guest on someone’s podcast has a number of advantages. You’ll position yourself as a thought leader, and also get your practice in front of a new audience. Reference your Dream 100 list of influential people in your space and your local market, but keep in mind that podcast hosts outside of your local market can be candidates too. You can even search Twitter using the hashtag #podcastguest to see if any hosts are looking for guests on relevant topics.

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