3 Levers To Fix The ‘Low Quality Chiropractic Leads’ Epidemic (Free Masterclass)

There’s an epidemic happening in the world right now, and I’m not talking about COVID… I’m talking about marketing.

And this problem is wasting a lot of Chiropractors’ money and time, and burning a lot of Docs out there.

But the solution is straightforward, and it’s the same approach you take when examining a new patient.

They might complain about pain, but your job as a Chiropractor is to diagnose the source of that pain, and create a custom treatment plan for them.

That’s what we’re doing here.

I know marketing is not the same as Chiropractic, but I want to show you that we can identify and correct the problem in a similar way.

So today’s masterclass I want to show you 3 levers to fix the “low quality leads” epidemic.

But first let’s go through who this training is for.

This is for you if you want to grow your practice with high quality patients who show up and can afford care.

I really want you to stop for a minute and analyze this sentence right here.

Grow your practice- you understand that marketing is part of your overhead, and the cost of running a business, and you know you have to spend money on marketing in order to grow.

High quality patients- you don’t want to bury yourself or your associate’s time with people who just want a cheap adjustment.

Afford care- you want more patients who can afford to come back bi-weekly, weekly or monthly for care.

This is also for chiropractors who believe that marketing can work, but they’ve hired agencies or marketers before and didn’t get results. They got quote “bad leads”.

We’re going to go through 3 ways we’re overcoming this.

Now who is this training not for?

Well if you’re happy with tons of volume and don’t care if that $21 new patient turns into a long term care plan.

Or if you don’t have a team- if you’re a solo practitioner and don’t have systems built out to turn new patients into acute care or wellness plans.

This training isn’t going to help you.

So if that’s you, no hard feelings, you can close this video.

Well here’s my key takeaway: after working in marketing and business growth consulting for 10 years now, I’ve found this right here…

Effective marketing happens when you can diagnose the underlying cause of the problem, and create a unique solution to fix it.

Because here’s the reality: there will always be problems to fix.

That’s not me being negative, and glass-half-empty pessimistic.

It’s just the way life goes.

And the way we can fix these problems is by adjusting 3 specific levers that I’m going to show you today.

These levers were created through my own trial and error with working with Chiropractors and business owners, and feedback that I’ve received through the years, I’ve gotten on the phone with Chiropractors not with the goal of selling them on anything, but to actually listen to them and see what they’re challenges are, and using this feedback to create a better program. And a program that actually gets Chiropractors a return on investment.

So here’s the most common complaint I hear from Chiropractors when I get on a demo with them: “I hired a marketer, but I didn’t see a lot of new patients and we ended up wasting money.”

When I hear that, I start to probe and go deeper into this complaint.

And most likely the reasons they got bad results from a marketer fall into one of these 3 categories:

1) They generated new leads but they couldn’t get a hold of them. Either the lead left a bad number, or they didn’t answer the phone, or the front desk called and left a message and didn’t call back.

2) They booked an appointment, but didn’t show up, or

3) They weren’t interested in booking a follow-up appointment, or couldn’t afford signing up for care.

Do you identify with any of these?

I found that these are all a result of one common problem: And that is most marketers build out a one-size fits all “system” and they either don’t know how to customize it for their client, or they don’t have the bandwidth to customize it.

But each practice is different, and each market has unique challenges that we can’t fix with a standardized approach to marketing.

So what happens is marketers have come up with solutions that may or may not work.

Like saying “we’ll automate the follow-up for you” so you never have to chase after new leads. But I’ve found that automating too much of the follow up system doesn’t work because it removes the connection between the patient and you the doctor.

Or there’s a new “pay per patient” model where you only pay for the patients who show up. This can work, but you still end up paying if that patient is unqualified, or only wants that one adjustment.

So you go back to running a Groupon deal, or doing workshops or take a gamble with hiring another marketer.

You’ve heard “if at first you don’t succeed, try try again” but each time you try you’re spending your time, energy and money on something you don’t know if it’s actually going to work.

But let me show you what we’re doing to help Chiropractors get more referral quality new patients who actually show up and can afford care.

And it’s with a 90-day program.

Here’s what I mean.

Going back to the title of this masterclass, if you’re dealing with “low quality new patients” there are 3 levers you can adjust to fix this to get more high quality new patients.

So over the course of 90 days, if you work with us in the GET PATIENTS NOW program that’s what we’re going to do.

The ultimate goal is to get more referral quality patients who show up and are able to afford a care plan.

In the first month, every chiropractor starts out with the standard New Patient Special campaign.

This campaign is designed to get your practice in front of people in your local area.

We run a social media ad with a 5-7 mile radius around your practice with a $21 New Patient Special.

Anyone who’s interested we then get their name, email and phone number.

Then we get them to answer a 10 question pain assessment, HIPAA compliant and their answers are sent directly to you. This helps to qualify them.

Then they schedule their appointment, and get follow-up messages that confirm their appointment, and remind them to show up.

While we’re running this campaign in month 1, we’re identifying where the choke points are, what can we improve to get more new patients putting down their phone, getting into the car, driving to your office and walking through the door.

So there are a number of reasons why a new lead doesn’t turn into a patient.

The first challenge is this: We can’t get a hold of the new leads.

Did you know that if a new lead isn’t called in 5 minutes or less from when they opt-in from the ad, that they’re 80% less likely to show up?

Also your front desk has a lot of tasks, and they can’t always call the new leads right away.

And what if a lead comes in overnight, or when you’re closed, or on a holiday?

Well we’re helping our clients solve this problem with a new way, which is using a CALL CENTER to contact, qualify and book all the new leads we’re generating.

A call center will eliminate the variable of when that new lead is called, and we’re going to send only qualified new patient opportunities your way.

The call center is going to contact leads 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. They’re going to call within minutes of them opting in, and continue to politely follow up with them until they answer.

Also the call center is trained to represent your practice, and speak your unique language to treat all new patient leads with empathy and respect.

And all information collected is HIPAA compliant and sent directly to you.

So again, if we can’t get a hold of the new leads, we’re going to use our call center to take this off your hands and contact, qualify, schedule and confirm all new patient opportunities.

The second challenge is new patients not showing up for their first appointment.

This is something that’s very difficult for us as marketers to control.

Because it’s one thing for someone to see your ad on Facebook, and say “yeah I’m interested”, but now that “lead” has to get in their car, drive to your office and walk through the door.

That’s something marketers can’t control, no matter how many appointment reminders are sent out.

So what happens is either too much automatic follow-up, more emails and text messages are sent to that new patient, and when you automate you lose that human connection.

Or you get your front desk to manually follow-up, and that’s not always realistic either.

So what’s the solution?

Well if you’re getting a lot of no-shows with new patients, you need to look at offering same day or next day appointments.

In the system we need to offer an incentive for that new patient lead to call the office directly to book their appointment, and if you can offer a same day appointment that person is more than likely going to show up.

Look, we already know about The Joint and how they offer same day adjustments, you can literally walk in without an appointment. This is what you’re practice is up against.

People are in pain today, but may not be in pain tomorrow or the next day.

And if you’re responding to a Facebook ad, it’s an impulse decision, versus searching for a Chiropractor near me on Google.

So Lever #2: if new patients aren’t showing up, and you’re dealing with no-shows and cancelled appointments, implement same day or next day appointments and you’ll see more new patients walking through the door.

Here’s the third challenge you may be facing: if a new patient does come in, they only want that one single adjustment, and they either don’t come back for a follow up, or they don’t want to sign up or can’t afford either acute care, or a wellness plan that you present to them.

And sometimes someone looks at your New Patient Special, and they get an exam, consultation, x-ray and a doctor’s report of findings, and think that what they’re getting is just worth $21.

So they feel better after that first visit, and they think “Oh, I’ll just keep grabbing these deals and go to different Chiros when I need to.”

Or they haven’t been educated enough between opting in from the ad and coming in, so they don’t really understand the benefit of either acute care or on-going wellness visits.

So what we’ve come up with to help our clients who are facing this challenge is a customized approach to new patient follow-up.

We focus on messages designed to educate the new patient, to build their trust in you and how your approach to chiropractic works.

This is how.

We need to create a personal connection between that new patient, the practice and you the chiropractor.

So we put a video on the thank you page of the ad, and this video is you sharing why you became a Chiropractor, your “why” story, and a patient testimonial, and information about what to expect on the first visit, and follow up visits and long term (and why this matters to that new patient).

Next we want to send out more emails about specific conditions, including patient testimonials and education.

Third is more communication with that new patient about how your approach to chiropractic works, and why your methods can make a difference.

The goal here is to educate the patient on the power of chiropractic care, not only in the acute stage but also as a long term approach to wellness.

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