New Patient Leads Don’t Show Up? Add These 2 Questions To Your Front Desk Script To Increase Show Rate

How do you increase the show rate with new patients?

Hey, my name is Andrew James with GET PATIENTS NOW.

We help chiropractors get more pre-paid patients that actually show up and close on care.

Many chiropractors not only struggle with new patient flow, but actually getting those new patients to walk through the door for their first appointment.

And when patients no-show, it creates holes in your schedule, and takes your time away from what actually grows your business, which is serving patients through Chiropractic care.

But your front desk is the front line with new patients.

And the challenge is that how they interact can either make or break your schedule.

You need to keep new patient flow consistent so you can pay overhead, but also make sure that you’re bringing in and retaining quality patients that will grow your practice.

Here are 2 things to add to your phone script to book more appointments, and get more new patients in the door.

Number 1: “What motivated you to reach out to us today?”

Ask them what resonated with them when they saw or heard about your practice, and what prompted them to call.

This is a very powerful thing- because when you uncover their problem or pain, they’re telling you exactly what they need, and being empathetic to their situation helps build trust.

They’re also going to share the word, or the phrase or the image or video that got them to take action to get their phone out and call.

Number 2: “When you come in, please ask for me because I’m looking forward to meeting you!”

Now this new patient has made a connection with a real person at your practice, and has a reason to show up to their appointment, because they said they want to meet them.

We all know that no-shows are common, but adding these 2 things into your front desk script will increase the trust between the new patient and the practice, and get more new patients showing up to their appointment.

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